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Magellan GPS mapping software | Magellan GPS Navigation

Magellan GPS devices are some of the best
devices according to your needs. Devices are available in every budget-segment.
So, you can choose with ease.When you buy a Magellan GPS device then it is
quite difficult to go wrong. They provide the perfect combination of features
and value for money. 

Friday, April 5, 2019

Smart GPS EcoSupport | Magellan GPS software Updates

Magellan is a worldwide leader in GPS technology. It manufactures the most intuitive and sophisticated GPS devices. It also provides the user with the award-winning navigational software to make the whole travelling experience even more easy and safe.
To keep up the pace with all the technological advancement going around, the company has now started its service named Smart GPSEcoSupport to help all the automobile makers and individuals to get the Magellan GPS software updates.
It is the cloud-based service which helps to save money on fuel by keeping the drivers updated with all the changes happening in real time. These changes are happening in real time and this information is provided to drivers when they sync their device with their smartphones.

Features of Smart GPS EcoSupport

Easy Drag and Drop:

The Smart GPS EcoSupport comes with all new drag and drop feature which makes updating the Magellan GPS software intuitive.

Available on modern platforms:

The support is available for all modern devices like iOS, Android. So, you don’t have to worry about using a particular platform for using it.

Personalized Content:

The software is built on a strong framework which is based on accumulating content according to the personal need of the user.
With it, you get all the localized contents which are needed to keep you ahead in the traffic.

Integrated Car solutions:

The company believes in giving accurate information according to the location of the user. The same content can be delivered on your Smartphone and the GPS device. The content can be delivered on different devices installed in different cars providing its user fully integrated car solutions. 

Save time on planning:

With Smart GPS EcoSupport you can plan your trips in advance. It helps in saving time as you can plan your journeys even before stepping in the vehicle.

Save information Online:

          It provides the features to save all the data and information in your    online account.

How to fix EcoSupport related Issues?

If you are unable to refresh the device with the latest Magellan GPS software updates then read the post and you will find all your answers.

Steps to follow:

1.   Before trying to update the device, visit the website first.
2.   Afterwards, create a new account. If you have a previous account then just login in the account.
3.   Now, plug in the available device in the computer.

After you have done all the above-mentioned steps, then
1.   Connect the device to the Wifi connection.
2.   The device will now register to the Magellan Server after the initial setup is complete.

How to create an online account with Smart GPS EcoSupport?

1.   Creating an online account on SmartGPS EcoSupport is quite an easy process. Just follow the steps:
2.   Type in url in the address bar of the browser.
3.   Create an account using the username and password.

If you have previously registered then login using the same username and password.

How to download maps and software updates for your GPS device?

1.   Click on the settings icon from the Map screen.
2.   Click on the updates when you see a notification icon.
3.   Now, click on the Software update or map update.
4.   Just wait for the new map or software to download on your device.

If you have any more queries regarding the EcoSupport then click here

Magellan Software updates        

Update Magellan Maps and Software with Content Manager

The technology is advancing quite rapidly with each passing day. The phones are becoming smart and their use is increasing every single second. But, even after so much advancement, most prefer a GPS device in their car.
The Magellan GPS provides its user with all the modern features for making driving safe. The company is dedicated to giving users the best experience.
Keeping in mind the modern times the company has launched a content manager. Users can update Magellan maps and software with Content Manager.
This is a special software which manages all your information and helps in keeping the device updated. The content manager makes the update a child’s play.

Is Content Manager available free for download?

Of course, the Magellan content manager is available free. The software package is available free for all the popular Windows and Apple devices.
The software package comes in a small package and it takes less than a minute for installation.
Even the hardware requirements are modest and you don’t need any prior software or drivers for installation. You just have to create your online account.

Which devices are supported by the Content Manager?

The content manager gives support to almost all the new devices and even most old devices. You just have to connect the device to the computer whether you have a Windows computer or an Apple computer.
Run the program and log in to your Magellan account. If you don’t have a Magellan account then you can create one right there.
The software user interface is easy to control thanks to its simple controls and efficient layout.
You can download all the contents, addresses and get general information about the GPS device.

Storing addresses in the address book

All the addresses can be stored and managed from a single point. You can access and add a new address from the same point.
The software package has an inbuilt address validation function. This makes sure that the entered address is valid before you synchronize them.
The address is displayed in a list form on the left side of the window. You can view more details on the right side.

Managing downloaded content

All the downloaded contents can be managed in the same way as addresses. 
The contents are displayed in the list form, from which you can see all sorts of details by expanding them. You can get all the downloaded information about your GPS device with the information tab.
Some of the information which you can see are:
    Model number
    Serial number
    Software version
    The memory of the device and SD card
    Mileage report

You get updating options and more features from the Magellan content manager. It helps you to check for maps and software updates for your device. All the options are in front of you in the lower region of the UI regardless of the tab you are on.

Magellan Software updates        

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Magellan truck GPS | Magellan truck GPS maps update

Magellan manufactures simply the best truck GPS for long hauls. Every device is packed with high-quality premium productivity and safety features for professionals. Magellan truck GPS fits well in-cab environments with limited space.
All the truck GPS has superior features which are needed frequently by the commercial drivers. Some of the features are:
    Truck-specific customizable routing
    Hands-free navigation
    Status logging
    State miles report

Truck-specific routing - The route is shown according to the size and weight of your vehicle.
Multiple driver logins - This helps to log in your service hours if you have more than one driver.
Free Lifetime Traffic Alerts & Map updates - The free Lifetime traffic updates help you to reach your destination fast. The Magellan truck GPS maps updates help you to with all the changes happening due to all the construction process going around.
Hands-Free navigation - The built-in Bluetooth helps you in driving without looking at the device. This makes the whole driving safe.
Other safety features - All the Magellan devices come with the latest safety features to make the driving safe.
    Landmark Guidance
    Lane Assistance
    Speed Limit Warnings

What is truck specific routes?

The heavy commercial vehicles are not allowed on many roads, bridges, streets. Some have specific time allotted for their movements.
The trucks and other heavy vehicles if they go on these routes, then they get very expensive tickets. You don’t want them.
The routes on the Magellan truck GPS therefore, helps you to go only on those routes which are suitable for their movement. Thus, avoiding very expensive tickets.

Preparation for professional drivers

When a commercial driver is ready to move, they can set up their own customizable routes. The data shown on the truck GPS is totally based on vehicle dimensions and weight. The route is also based on other hazmat restrictions.
The multi-destination routing also helps the drivers to plan their stops according to their need. The route optimization helps them to save fuel and time.

Safe driving made intuitive

Automatic colour adjustment - The devices come with automatic colour adjustment depending upon the outside light. This helps in driving during the bright daylight as well as during the night. You don’t have to strain your eyes while driving.

Spoken street name - The spoken street name gives the user turn-by-turn instructions.

Junction view - The junction view is one of the best safety features you can get. It helps in giving you a realistic view of the highways and roads. It provides safe merging and exit on the road.

Next Turn - The drivers can be prepared for the coming upturn with all the information provided by the device beforehand.

Landmark Guidance - This guides the drivers in turning to the familiar landmarks like stores, gas stations or other large easy to locate places.

Traffic camera Alerts - It alerts the drivers about the upcoming speed cameras and red lights on their route.

OneTouch - This is a Magellan-exclusive feature which gives drivers the ability to bookmark and assign a single button for their favourite destinations. You can also get faster access to your searches.

Driving a large commercial vehicle is a very challenging task in itself. The roads are crowded most of the time. Magellan truck GPS gives all the tools to the commercial drivers to make the journey safe.
The company is also dedicated to making navigation even more safe and efficient. That’s why Magellan truck GPS maps update is released every few months to keep you updated.
Always keep your device updated for a worry-free driving experience. 

            Magellan GPS software updates

Magellan Roadmate updates | Magellan Roadmate GPS system

Magellan makes the industry’s best GPS devices with the award-winning navigation system. When a user buys any Magellan Roadmate GPS system they get the best navigation experience.
Magellan devices come up with the high commercial grade hardware which helps in getting the signal even in areas where most devices fail to get signal. Other devices most often fail to get signal in hilly areas or areas with high rise buildings.
To give the best experience to the device users the company provides Magellan Roadmate updates from time to time. These updates give the user the latest maps and software.

Benefits of the Magellan Roadmate GPS system:

A Magellan Roadmate GPS system provides the user with huge benefits. You don’t have to shout instructions to your smartphone when you find yourself in some unfamiliar territory. To make matter worse in remote locations your smartphone map doesn’t work. This happens because there is a signal problem in most remote places.
With a GPS device, you don’t have to worry about the signal or getting lost. All the Magellan Roadmate GPS system have been manufactured with precise detail. They get signal in all the places, all the time, in any weather conditions.

Features of the Magellan RoadMate GPS system:

    Lifetime maps updates: The RoadMate devices come with lifetime maps updates. These lifetime maps updates ensure that you don’t have to worry about going in unfamiliar territories and getting lost.
    Traffic warnings: It is quite frustrating and a huge waste of time & fuel when you get stuck in a traffic jam. The real-time traffic warnings help you to reach your destination without getting stuck in the traffic. Thus, it also helps you save money by saving fuel.
    Voice operated: These devices can be fully operated by your voice command. This makes the whole driving experience safe as you don’t have to look at the device while driving.
    Smartphone synchronization: These modern devices fully sync with your smartphone giving you all real-time information like traffic, weather, alerts etc.

What is the meaning of Lifetime Maps updates?

The lifetime maps updates mean that you will receive updates for the first 3 years from the date of first use of the device.
The updates also depend on the useful life of the compatible devices.
The useful life of the device means:
    Required technical capabilities
    Memory available in the device
    A current operating system used for device update
    The device is past its useful life if the device is more than 3 years old or it has been not updated for the past 24 months.

    The Lifetime maps updates come with the same geographical data at the time of purchase. If you need to download the maps of the new region then it will cost you some money. It will depend on the type of map and size of the region.

What to do when you don’t have enough storage on your device?

New maps can’t be downloaded if there is not enough memory on the device. If you want to download new maps then you need to purchase a new SD card to download and install new maps.

How to do Magellan Roadmate Updates with Apple computer?

Magellan is working on new software right now which will take some time to roll out. If you want to update your device then you will need a Windows computer to do it currently.

What to do when the device is not powering on?

If the device is not powering on then it may be due to the dead battery. When the battery is fully discharged then it won’t power on even when it is connected to the power supply in the vehicle.
First, you need to fully charge the device. This may take up to 8 hours for completion. We recommend using the USB cable which came with the device.

What to do when the Magellan Roadmate is showing the wrong time?

Sometimes due to unknown reason, the device can show you the wrong time.
This can be easily rectified by following the simple steps:
    Hold the power button for 5 seconds
    Power on the GPS device by pressing and holding the button
    When the device is powered on, allow it to connect to the satellite
    The correct time will now show on your device

These steps are quite easy to follow, but if you are not sure about these steps then you can also visit for device update.

            Magellan GPS software updates

Monday, March 25, 2019

Magellan Maps update | Magellan Software updates
There was a time in the world not so long ago in which drivers had to depend on paper maps and strangers asking for directions. Whenever people used to think to go on trips they used to do a lot of preparations for it.

First thing was to buy big paper maps of the place of visit. People also used to buy one map book and some local maps for places to stay, places to see. Then, they had to totally depend on local guides for sightseeing. Mind you these local guides used to charge a heavy fee depending upon the season.

The invention of GPS made life a little simpler. Now travellers and commuters don’t have to depend on the maps or strangers. No more buying big paper maps or booking local guides. Once you buy a GPS device you can forget all the worries about routes, places to visit, emergency services, hotels, motels, diners, restaurants, etc.

Many companies started manufacturing GPS devices but only some produce the most reliable hardware and software making navigation simple. Magellan is the top GPS manufacturer in the world. Their GPS devices are quite reliable which works anywhere in most weather conditions. When you buy a Magellan GPS device, you get the award-winning navigational experience.

Why do you need Magellan maps update & Magellan software updates?

When you buy a Magellan GPS device you get the best navigational experience. But, with the passage of time the maps on the device become old. Many changes happen in the infrastructure like roads & highways with the always on-going construction process.

To make sure that you are always updated with the change in routes & address Magellan maps update are published every quarter. These Magellan maps update ensures that you always get to your destination on time safely.

The company also wants you to give the best navigation experience for this Magellan software updates are also rolled out regularly.

The Magellan maps update & Magellan software updates give you the best driving experience along with other updates like live weather, traffic, speed limit changes, school zone warnings etc.

Confusion resolved about the Magellan GPS

Now there are many frequent questions which we come across when we buy a Magellan GPS device. Here we have compiled a list of questions and have provided their accurate answers. These will get rid of all your confusions about the Magellan device.

Are Magellan Maps update & Magellan software updates free?

The answer is both yes and no. Now, don’t be confused, we are clearing this up.

Some devices come with lifetime Magellan maps update. The lifetime means the lifetime of the device. Most devices come with an update for a limited period or a fixed number of updates.

The same is true for the Magellan software updates.

Check your device to know about the update. If you don’t know you can also visit for the device update.

How often does Magellan update maps & software?

The maps are updated by Magellan to keep up with the changes in the infrastructure and addresses. These maps are updated at least 4 times. I.e. quarterly.

The software is also updated regularly to make the navigation experience even better. The software updates are released after intensive research so they come with the latest features.

Does Magellan updates can be installed via Apple Mac?

Magellan is working on software for updates via Mac. But, unfortunately now you need a windows computer for updating the device.

Some of the common issues about the Magellan device:

Magellan updates not working:

If the Magellan updates are not working then there could be some reasons for it.

  • Proper updates are not installed on the device.

  • The device is unable to read the maps or software.

  • Drivers of the device are outdated.

If you are confused about updating the Magellan GPS then you can visit

You should always keep your Magellan GPS device updated to travel worry-free.

Magellan GPS mapping software | Magellan GPS Navigation

Magellan GPS devices are some of the best devices according to your needs. Devices are available in every budget-segment. So, you can ch...